Smile Design

Does your smile say what you want it to? 

Here’s how to find out …

  1.  Does the appearance of your teeth ever cause you embarrassment?
  2.  In social situations, do you ever feel self-conscious or uncomfortable because of your dental condition?
  3.  Do you feel less than confident about laughing or smiling? 
  4. Does the appearance of your teeth make you feel older than your real age?
  5. Do you want whiter teeth?
  6. Are there spaces between your teeth that you would rather not have?
  7. Are your teeth as straight as you would like? 

If your smile is giving the wrong impression, let McGrath Dental Caring help design a smile for you!
Discolored or Yellow TeethLook at some of the many possibilities for smile enhancement:

Discolored teeth can be whitened with a simple, painless procedure. Regular office visits and at-home treatments can help you maintain your beautiful new smile

Gaps Between Teeth

Unsightly gaps between teeth can be closed using laminate veneers.

Replacing Missing Teeth

18-430 Bridge

Missing teeth can be replaced using a fixed bridge or dental implant.

Gummy smiles or an uneven gum line can be minimized with a
combination of cosmetic gum surgery and porcelain veneers.

Metal Showing on your Gum Line

18-430 Crowns

Crowns with metal showing at the gum line can be replaced with
beautiful metal-free porcelain crowns.

Chipped, Fractured or Worn Teeth

18-430 Bonding

Crooked, Crowded or Protruding Teeth

crowded1 crowded2

Orthodontic tooth movement and cosmetic restorations can
give your smile a whole new appearance.

Old, Dark, Metal Fillings

18-430 NaturalColorFillings

Replace your old, silver-mercury metal fillings with more natural looking porcelain.