Don’t Let Your 2014 Benefit Dollars Slip Away!

That’s right! On Dec. 31st, this year’s Dental Insurance benefits
and your 2014 Flex dollars will go away, never to return.

Dollars to drainThe cooling temperatures outside remind us that the end of the year is fast approaching.

Although treatment is never dictated by an insurance policy, our experience has shown that careful planning can often maximize benefits.

If you are due for a cleaning, have dental treatment pending or if you feel you may need treatment that hasn’t been planned, this message is for you. If you haven’t maxed out your benefits for the year, we encourage you to schedule an appointment soon.

End of year appointments are filling quickly.

4 Reasons You Should Use Your 2014 Benefit Dollars before Dec. 31st:

#1 Yearly Maximums– Dental insurance plans put a maximum on the amount of money they’re willing to pay for your dental care. If you still have work to be done, use this years remaining benefits to help pay for that work.

#2 Premiums– You’re probably paying a monthly premium to keep your insurance. You can use that money for a regular check up and cleaning to prevent costly procedures in the future, or towards a more extensive treatment

#3 Inflation– It seems everything becomes more expensive from one year to the next, and dental care is no exception.

#4 Dental Problems Escalate– If your pearly whites are anything but, they’re bound to get worse. Now is the time to deal with dental problems, and take care of your teeth and gums.  A little cavity that isn’t bothering you one year may become a major toothache the next.

In planning for your Flex Spending benefits for 2015, remember to include any dental work you have not completed. If you are not sure what it will cost, call us and we can let you know. If you have questions about what insurance you have remaining for the year or what treatment has been recommended, please contact McGrath Dental Caring.  We are always happy to help with scheduling or benefit questions.

Call us today at (315) 478-5719 to schedule your next appointment and take full advantage of your remaining 2014 dental insurance and/or flex spending benefits.

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